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Scandal 3×16 First Look Photos!

Written by Vanessa Conradi   // March 20, 2014

Cyrus Beene, Mellie Grant, Olivia Pope, Fitz Grant, Abby Whelan

“The Fluffer” Steps Into A New Role….Who Can It Be?

According to, a press release was published to discuss episode 3×16 titled, “The Fluffer”. I’m not sure if I should know this, but when I first read the title, I thought it was a little risque. Why? Well, I’m sure I’m not the only one out there, but this is term on a porn set where females are in the wing to prep the men for scenes…..*ACTION!* Like I said, maybe I shouldn’t know, but I refuse to think I am the only perve out there! *lol*

Anywho, the press release states:

“The Fluffer” – Abby steps in as Olivia’s proxy and takes on duties at the White House. Meanwhile, the team continues to investigate B613, and someone throws a wrench in Reston’s presidential campaign, on ABC’s “Scandal,” THURSDAY, APRIL 3 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. “The Fluffer” was written by Chris Van Dusen & Raamla Mohamed and directed by Jeannot Szwarc.

So it looks as though Abby is taking on a different role, but I wonder what may have caused the shift? Could it be because David Rosen got shot by Jake Ballard? It may just be that Abby to needs to step in because Liv is completely overwhelmed with having an affair, trying to maintain a fake boyfriend relationship, run a campaign, manage Pope & Associates, try to reason with Papa Pope who wants to kill the love of her life and  oh yeah…worry about her terrorist mother which doesn’t seem to be a BIG issue at the moment. *whew* She just may be a tad bit consumed, wouldn’t you agree?

Abby Whelan, Liv



Father Knows Best. The Showdown Continues Between the Popes!

It appears as we are in for another treat as the battle of the Popes continue. We already know Rowan Pope is going to great lengths to take down Fitzgerald Grant III. We’ll see what Olivia discovers during this meeting, but we can only assume, daddy isn’t backing off. 

Joe Morton

Liv Pope

Rowan Pope

 The Race is On! 

The Boys are looking mighty dapper, aren’t they? Nichols seems to be all smiles, perhaps he remembers his kiss with Mellie Grant?

Jon Tenney

Tony Goldwyn

A picture is worth a thousand words, and this one is no exception. We know Mellie is NOT happy about something.

Bellamy Young, Fitz Grant

Let Olivia do what she does best! Put on your white hats people!



Kerry Washington, Darby Stanchfield, Jeff Perry

Stay tuned tonight for an all new Scandal on ABC, 10/9c. Will we find out Who Got Shot?!


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